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“The Dude” decade of the 2000’s pop culture sketch #189
(Haven’t done one of these in a while)

Logan of the 2000’s
Sketch #188

Feel free to share if you like it.

Remember Angelina Joli?
2000’s sketch #187

2000’s captain Mal Reynolds from Firefly.
And Serenity
Sketch #186

Johnny Depp 2000’s Captain Jack Sparrow (sketch #185 overall)
It’s been a while thought I’d start posting these IPad drawings again…

“Why….so….SERIOUS?!?…-Heath Ledger Joker.
2000’s sketch continued (#184 overall)

2000’s sketch of Tony Stark IronMan
iPad drawing #183
Thinking I’ll stop at #200 any suggestions for pop culure icons of that decade you’d like to see?

American Pycho Christian Bale in the 2000’s.
Pop culture Sketch # 182 on the iPad

Uh oh. Here comes a young 2000’s era Lebron to Boston.
Sketch# 181

The ladies on Sex and the City
Pop culture icons of the 2000’s drawing (#180 overall)