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Celtics big three!
Boston city of Champions!
2000’s sketch (#169 overall)

Avatar 2000’s massive blockbuster, one of the top grossing film of all time. Sketch #168

“My name ah Borat… You like?”
Pop culture portrait sketches of the 2000’s
#168 overall!
More to come.

Game of Thrones John Snow

Ahhh early those lovable early 2000’s Patriots.
Tom Brady (gotta admit GOAT and that’s from a Steelers fan) sketch#166

“Your a wizard Harry”
Potter in the 2000’s sketch #164

BeyoncĂ© of the 2000’s
Pop culture (Sketch #165) on the IPad.
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Fast and Furiously Vin Diesel of the 2000’s.
Sketch #162 overall.
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Charlie Murphy of the 2000’s sketch #163