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Curb you Enthusiasm’s Larry David.
Pop culture sketch # 177

2000’s pop culture portrait sketch #176 (overall)
Lord of the Rings!!!

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Big Papi!!!
2000’s Red Sox champions (sketch#175)

Riiiick! Of Walking Dead
Pop culture of the 2000’s sketch (#174 overall)

Scratchy style Anton Chigure from No Country for Old Men.
2000’s classic Cohen brothers film! Sketch#173

Kanye of the 2000’s
Sketch #172

Jax Teller SoA sketch (#171 and counting)

Pop culture pop quiz (sketch#170)
What show?
Extra points no Google!

Avatar 2000’s massive blockbuster, one of the top grossing film of all time. Sketch #168

“My name ah Borat… You like?”
Pop culture portrait sketches of the 2000’s
#168 overall!
More to come.