80’s Muppet power couple Kermit and Miss Piggy.
Sketch #99 only one more. Who will it be???

” I am…in a world…of s*@t”
80’s (sketch #98) Full Metal Jacket

80’s “Top Gun” Tom Cruise
Sketch #97 (only a few more to go y’all)

80’s Blondie

“Yippie Ki Yaaa Mutha@&$!”
80’s Bruce Willis (sketch#94 overall)
Only a few more left in this series!!!!

The 2 Corey’s… Lost Boys anyone?
Remember the 80’s sketch# 95.

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So stay tuned for more!

“Fight the power!” 80’s Public Enemy
80’s drawing #93 (only 7 more to go)

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80’s McEnroe (sketch#92)
Yes! Tennis represented!

“When Chuck Norris swims in the ocean, the sharks jump in a steel cage.”
80’s sketch #91

Eighties song parody master Weird Al
Sketch #90 on the IPad.