Star Trek represented for the first time for these daily drawings. 90’s Next Gen classic (sketch #128) closing out Black History Month with Geordie LaForge.

Stay tuned for for the rest of the 1990’s era sketches coming in March. Check em out everyday. Feel free to comment. Like. And share on your timelines and with friends.

90’s late night tradition.
Sketch# 127

90’s Mary J. Blige sketch.
Ipad drawing of the day #126

Mandela 90’s era.

Wu Tang Clan!
90’s sketch of the day (#124 overall)
Keep checking in and see new art everyday.
Only a few more black history month ones to go.
Then on to the rest of the 90’s pop culture icons starting in March.

Take the blue pill!
90’s sketch (#123 overall)

Wonder Woman sketch.
Colors by Sean

“aaannd you get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car” but this… 90’s Oprah!
(Sketch#122 overall)

X-Men Colossus and Kitty art.
Sketch by me color art by Sean Forney.

A Tribe Called Quest 90’s (daily sketch #121 overall)
R.I.P. Phife. Love their 2016-2017 resurgence though.