90’s Morgan Freeman. Although it could be any era. He’s looked the same for decades. Lol! Drawing #110 on the iPad.

90’s Wesley Snipes as BLADE!

“Did I do that???”
90’s Urkel sketch#108

90’s classic Denzel in his epic role as Malcolm X! (Sketch#207 on iPad)

90’s TLC!
Sketch #206

90’s sketch (#105 overall) Tupac!
Thug Life y’all.

“Say what Mutha$&@er again… I dare you, I double dog dare you…” Jules from Pulp Fiction 90’s sketch #104

Whitney Houston (R.I.P) from the 90’s
Sketch #103

Michael “Air” Jorden still the greatest of all time.
But for how long with LeBron around?
90’s sketch #102

“Biggie” (sketch #101)
Kicking off this series of daily drawings with Notorious B.I.G

Stay tuned for the first 28 renders in February to be black pop culture icons of the 90’s. In honor of “Black History Month”

While it still exists that is 😉

I’ll take any suggestions and requests…