Big Pun
90’s sketch #136

90’s classic show The X-Files.
Loved it! Google free quiz…character/actors names?

“Yah baby yah…”
90’s Dr. Evil and Austin Powers (sketch #134)
Drawn on the IPad Pro. Procreate app.
“Oh behave”

90’s quiz people of social media. Who? And from where?
(Sketch# 133 in all)
Yes at least one a day y’all keep checking for them.
And sharing. I appreciate all the likes and especially the comments.
Thanks and glad your enjoying the art.

“Life is like a box of Chocolates, ya never know which one your gonna get…” ahhh Forrest Gump, so true, oh so true.
90’s sketch on iPad #131

BATMAN and Robin. But not in the LEGO world. Almost strange to see.

90’s Nirvana sketch (#132 overall)

90’s Jay and Silent Bob.
Sketch #130 drawn on iPad.

The president of the 90’s
How much do we wish he was back running the country?
Sketch#129 on iPad.