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Roger v. Batman,Superman,WonderWoman.
Lol. Sketch by me. Which you can check out (buy) original art at Colo Colo gallery this week.

Check it out. Original comic style art. On gallery walls by you guessed it… This guy. Lol!

90’s sketch Clueless
Drawing #147 on the iPad. Only a few more to close out the decade of the nineties at #150. Soooo…
Dare I do the 2000’s???

The Dice-man! (90’s sketch 146)
Anyone remember his classic bits?
If so post them here… Edited though Ooooo!!!

Iron Fist!
Netflix this!

Color by @seanforney

Tiger Tiger Woods y’all…
90’s Pop culture sketch#145

Get some!

Wayne’s World…party on…excellent!
90’s sketch#144

Spidey swingers!

Van Damme!
90’s sketch #143
Still looking for suggestions on pop culture people of the 1990’s…? Feel free to drop more suggestions if one strikes me I draw and post your recommendation.