The last of the 90’s pop culture icons sketches. (#150 overall)
Star Wars episode one most memorable character Darth Maul.

Uhhh… Anyone care if I continue to drop these daily sketches?
The decade 2000’s maybe?

Another quinticential 90’s classic Seinfeld.
(Sketch #148) only 2 more to go!
Favorite show saying???

Check it out. Original comic style art. On gallery walls by you guessed it… This guy. Lol!

90’s sketch Clueless
Drawing #147 on the iPad. Only a few more to close out the decade of the nineties at #150. Soooo…
Dare I do the 2000’s???

The Dice-man! (90’s sketch 146)
Anyone remember his classic bits?
If so post them here… Edited though Ooooo!!!

Iron Fist!
Netflix this!

Color by @seanforney