Eeeeyyyy….Yooooo! Omar comin’
Ya know I had to represent HBO’s The Wire.
2000’s sketch (#155 of 200 overall)

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Electra art by me and color by Sean.
What ya think?

Hi! “My name is…. whiky’ whiky’ …Slim shady”
Eminem on the early 2000’s!
(Sketch #154 of 200)

“woke up this morming… Got myself a gun…”
2000’s Sopranos drawing (pop culture sketch #153 overall)

Pop culture sketch (#152) pop quiz:
Who? Actor?

Anyone missing this guy yet? Lol!
My president of the 2000’s. Pop culture figures of the decades Sketch (#151 overall).
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The last of the 90’s pop culture icons sketches. (#150 overall)
Star Wars episode one most memorable character Darth Maul.

Uhhh… Anyone care if I continue to drop these daily sketches?
The decade 2000’s maybe?

90’s sketch (#149) Red Hot Chili Peppers!
Ok only one more in the 90’s to go.

Thor/Hulk Ragnarok Art
Drawing by me colors by @seanforney

Another quinticential 90’s classic Seinfeld.
(Sketch #148) only 2 more to go!
Favorite show saying???